Treatment Service

The Animal Hospital- offers state-of-the-art patient care for dogs, cats, birds, exotic pets, cattle, goats, sheep and pigs and other farm animals.

The Veterinary Board-certified specialists, dedicated residents, registered veterinarians, and supervised students work together to provide the best available emergency care, treatment, and hospitalization for animal patients.

We are open around-the-clock for emergency and critical care cases, including neonatal intensive care and high-risk pregnancies.

Hospital services including general medicine, reproduction medicine, surgery (orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery and ophthalmology), oncology, neurology, cardiology.

Patients are assigned to particular specialists in the areas of concern and offered routine and specialized health care for the pet and farm animal patients. Supports for these services are provided by up-to-date diagnostic procedures, including body ultrasound, and high resolution radiography techniques, macro- and microscopic examination of microbes, biochemical tests, pathological examination and use of different molecular techniques.

Simply put, the hospital is dedicated to improving lives: by providing exceptional patient care, by serving animal owners and veterinarians, by advancing veterinary education, and by developing innovative health solutions.