Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences & College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University Twinning Partnership



Sokoine University of Agriculture College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (Morogoro, Tanzania) and K-State College of Veterinary Medicine and have partnered in a twinning project which is supported by the World Organisation for Animal Health (the OIE). The project was launched in Morogoro in October 2016.

The aims of the project are to improve the quality of veterinary education, to enhance and broaden educational opportunities for students at both colleges, and to foster long lasting cooperation between the two partners.

Through research and knowledge exchanges the project will also facilitate the development of better health interventions. Veterinary education underpins the capacity of National Veterinary Services to detect health threats early and to respond to them effectively.

The ability of a country to deal with a health event of international concern not only reduces the risk to national animal and public health but it also reduces risks for the whole international community. This is why the OIE promotes National Veterinary Services and veterinary education as global public goods.

Specifically, OIE Veterinary Education Twinning projects aim to strengthen veterinary education so that graduating veterinarians are equipped with the minimum core competencies (OIE ‘Day 1 Competencies’) needed to support their National Veterinary Services.

Objectives of the Twinning Project

• Improve veterinary education by integrating the OIE Model Core Veterinary Curriculum

• Establish Sokoine as a Center of Excellence for Education in Southern and East Africa

• Contribute to strengthening National Veterinary Services in Tanzania

• Foster a network of students and faculty between the two colleges

• Create opportunities for joint research


• A mutually beneficial ‘smart partnership’

• A global perspective – different country, setting, production systems, and disease challenges

• Shared resources, techniques and expertise

• Broader and fuller educational experience

• International network of students, faculty, staff, post docs, researchers

• New research opportunities


Opportunities for Tanzanian and American students:

• Participate in externships, research projects, and student exchanges in Tanzania and USA

• To network with other students and faculty at their home institution and abroad

• To see different production systems, clinical presentations and veterinary challenges

• To enhance cultural and diversity competencies

• To develop a global perspective

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