COMMI PRODUCTS: Paving way through formalizing traditional medicines in Tanzania

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Commiphira swynertonii is a tree found in different parts of Tanzania, mainly the northern Masai lands. The tree is famous among the natives for its useful traditional medicines. 

Scientists at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Department of Veterinary Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology have taken the medicinal products from the tree to next level, by extracting and processing them into commercializable packed Commi Products

The varing products which include wound sprays, creams, soaps and others have been seen as a way through in the application of traditional medicines in Tanzania. 

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The research leader, Dr Gaymary Bakari explains that Commi Products have shown undoubted wound healing properties and is currently paving way in hospitals being used by physicians in treatment of chronic, antibacterial resistant wounds.