Dr. Chacha W. J. Werema

Dr. Chacha W. J. Werema 


Lecturer: Veterinary Surgery

Telephone: +255 260 3511-4 ext. 4535

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Block B CVMBS; Room: 101


Dr Chacha W. J. Werema qualified as a veterinarian in 2007 at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). He joined the Department of Veterinary Surgery and Theriogenology, SUA in 2008 as a Tutorial Assistant and rising through the ranks to become a Lecturer in 2014. Dr Werema teaches Veterinary Surgery and Reproduction courses to undergraduate students. He is also working at the Sokoine University of Agriculture Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD studies at Massey University, Palmerston North in New Zealand. Dr Werema is a member of the Tanzania Veterinary Association, New Zealand and Australian Hoof Trimmers Association and Registered Veterinary Surgeon in Tanzania.

Areas of Interest:

Dairy Cattle Lameness; Reproductive Biology; Production Animal Health.


Journal Articles

1.     Werema, C.WSamson, R, Ndossi, D.G, Kashoma, I.P, and Mwakijungu, E. (2017). Surgical sterilization of the Africa Giant Pouched Rats. Tanzania Veterinary Journal, Vol. 30 (2).

2.  Kashoma, I. P., Mwingira, S. M., Werema, C. W., and Kessy, B. M, (2015). Productive and reproductive performance of Friesian cows at Kitulo livestock multiplication unit, Tanzania. Tanzania Veterinary Journal, 30 (1), 33-41.

3.     Mwangengwa, L. M., John, J., Elfuraha, B., Werema, C. J., Mushi, J., Mohamed, A. H., Ngarashi, D., and Mpanduji, D. G. (2014). Profile of plasma lipids and degree of derangements among the elderly of Morogoro region, Tanzania. Tanzania journal of health research, 16(4).

4.     I P B Kashoma, C Luziga, C W Werema, G A Shirima, and D Ndossi, (2011). Predicting body weight of Tanzania shorthorn zebu cattle using heart girth measurements. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Vol. 23, Article ♯ 94.

Conference Proceedings

1.     Werema CW, Laven LJ, Mueller KR, Laven R (2019). The potential of infrared thermography for the detection of dairy cattle lameness. 20th International Symposium and 12th International Conference on Lameness in Ruminants, Tokyo, Japan 2019.

2.     Werema CW, Laven LJ, Mueller KR, Laven R (2019). In-shed screening technique for detection of lameness in a pasture-based dairy herd.

3.     Werema CW, Ndossi D, and Batamuzi EK (2009). The use of prophylactic antibiotics in augmenting wound healing in animals. PANTIL, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Research abstracts, issue no. 4, p.116-124.

 4.     Werema CW and Ndossi DG (2017). Prophylactic antibiotics in augmenting Surgical wound healing. The 35th TVA Conference Proceedings in 2017.