Dr. Doreen G. Ndossi

Dr. Doreen G. Ndossi 


Lecturer: Veterinary Surgery

Telephone: +255 260 3511-4 ext. 4543

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Block B CVMBS; Room: 105


Dr. Doreen G. Ndossi graduated from Sokoine University of Agriculture, SUA in 2004 with Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine. She briefly worked with World Vision Tanzania as a Capacity Building Associate Coordinator before joining the Department of Surgery and Theriogenology, SUA as a Tutorial assistant in 2005 and rising through the ranks to become a Lecturer in 2011. Doreen received her Master’s degree at SUA (2009) and a PhD from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, UMNB (2014). Doreen teaches Veterinary Surgery to the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and has supervised several students through their research. Within SUA, Doreen is serving as the Coordinator of Technology Transfer and Consultancy section at the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and Consultancy since 2018. Her major roles include coordinating activities related to technology transfer, consultancy and linkages between SUA and other institutions.

Areas of Interest:

Soft Tissues Surgeries; Wound Healing and Alternative Wound Agents; Endocrine Disruption; Teaching and Learning Methods.


Journal Articles

1.   Werema CW, Samson R, Ndossi DG, Kashoma IP, Mwakijungu E. Surgical Sterilization of the African Giant Pouched Rats. Tanz Vet J, 30(2), 2015.

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3.  Kalayou S, Hamre AG, Ndossi D, Connolly L, Sørlie M, Ropstad E, Verhaegen S. Using SILAC proteomics to investigate the effect of the mycotoxin, alternariol, in the human H295R steroidogenesis model. Cell Biol Toxicol 30(6): 361-376, 2014.

4.  Mpanduji DG, Ndossi DG. Comparison of analgesia and cardio-pulmonary effects of epidural injection of pethidine and lidocaine in small East African goats. Research Opinions in Animal & Veterinary Sciences 3(2): 30-34, 2013.

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     Conference Proceedings

1.  Werema CW, Ndossi DG. Prophylactic Antibiotics in Augmenting Surgical Wound Healing. Proceeding of the 35th Scientific Conference of the Tanzania Veterinary Association, Vol 35: 72-76, 2017.

2.  Ndossi D, Kalayou S, Groseth PK, Ropstad E, Verhaegen S.. Effects of mycotoxins on hormone production in primary Leydig cells isolated from pigs. Husdyrforsøksmøtet (Livestock research meeting), Lillestrom, Norway, 28-29 Jan 2013, 172-178, 2013.

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