Introducing SUAVET Consult

The College undertakes several consultancy services through its consultancy wing (VetConsult) which comprises of highly qualified and competitive staff who undertakes consultancy assignments for private ,public , Governments , National and International Organizations.


Sokoine University of Agriculture Veterinary Advisory and Consultancy Services herein and thereafter is referred to as SUAVET CONSULT. It is the consultancy wing of the College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro, Tanzania.

The College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences as part of the University has a legal status of a body corporate established by Act of Parliament number 6 of 1984. The College is the only institution providing tertiary university education in veterinary medicine and allied sciences including wildlife and aquaculture in Tanzania.

SUAVET CONSULT has therefore unmatched capacity in human and infrastructure resources. This enables it to offer the most appropriate advice to various enterprises, private and government, in many aspects of the veterinary profession.

The objective of the College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences as pinnacle of excellency is to play a leading role in the provision of veterinary clinical services (surgical and medical), education and research (basic and applied) in the fields of livestock, wildlife, fisheries and allied fields.

The College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences through SUAVET CONSULT facilitates a coordinated provision of advisory services for regulatory bodies pertaining to veterinary practice, public health, abattoir and processing plant, efficacy of drugs, chemicals, pesticides and other biological materials.

It gives advice in the application or adoption of specific technologies, namely, molecular biology, biotechnologies, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, X-ray diagnosis, ultrasonography, preparation of gross animal bodies and organs, and microscopic structures for safe and permanent display in schools, museums and colleges.

Special Attributes of the College

The College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences  
(a) Possesses the highest number of trained experts in the country who are conversant with prevailing socio-economic constraints to livestock health and development in Tanzania;
(b) Has conducted research on all aspects of Veterinary medicine within and outside Tanzania. Its advice is therefore, always well considered and backed with facts collected over many years;
(c) Has experiences gained while executing consultancy projects in Tanzania and uses it in improvement of training of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Consultancy services;
(d) Has an enormous research capabilities. Problems, which are identified while executing consultancy projects, are recorded and used for the benefit of livestock development in Tanzania.
The College offers through SUAVET CONSULT quality, value for money services which have multiplier effects on the country's animal and socio-economic development.

Modality of Work of SUAVET Consult

Once a new project is initiated through formal requests or informal discussion of the perceived problem, research or training need by the client SUAVET CONSULT develops a proposal.

The proposal includes a statement of the problem, the terms of reference, the objectives, an outline of the recommended work, the expected results, and an estimate of the programmes costs and time schedule.

After presentation to the client, the proposal may be modified as appropriate to arrive at a mutually satisfactory definition of the scope of the endeavour.

Each project is assigned to a team of experts, selected for their skill and experience in the required field. The overall supervision of the project rests with SUAVET CONSULT but there will normally be a project leader for each project.

SUAVET CONSULT recognizes the advantage to be derived from close collaboration with the client. Therefore, in implementing any project SUAVET CONSULT welcomes the inclusion of client staff in the project team.

Where the project require more inputs than available within the Faculty, SUAVET CONSULT recruits consultants from outside the College or form consortium with other consultancy organizations within the University in order to carry out the project(s) successfully.

Upon reaching agreement on the nature, scope, schedule and cost of the consultancy job, SUAVET CONSULT enters into a bilateral contractual agreement with the client(s) where the obligations of each party are explicitly stated.

Scope and Areas of Competence

The College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences  through its consultancy unit can appoint a team of scientists with the necessary background and experience to carry out complete studies and action programmes in animal industry projects.

The College is a high calibre resource centre with capacity to offer consultancy and advisory services in animal health, production, public health, rural development, animal industry projects from small-scale enterprises to national and international programmes.

The areas of competence of SUAVET CONSULT therefore include;
  • Screening of animals for disease surveillance;

  • Provision of clinical services (surgical and medical) through surveillance, screening diagnosis, treatment and advice for livestock, wildlife and aquaculture enterprises;

  • Evaluation of economic impact of animal diseases on livestock;

  • Appraisal of projects for control of infectious and non-infectious diseases;

  • Establishment of livestock enterprises;

  • Provision of public health services through quality control of food;

  • Provision of advisory services on construction, hygiene food handling establishments of abattoirs and butchers and other processing plants;

  • Provision of advice and management in animal reproduction including pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination and embryo transfer;

  • Provision of surgical operations and X-ray diagnosis of diseases;

  • Testing of sensitivity and efficacy of drugs;

  • Analysis of drug and pesticide residues in feeds and biological materials;

  • Toxicological evaluation of pharmaceutical products used in the livestock;

  • Provision of public health services through control of food and water as well as zoonotic (transmissible between man and animal) disease;

  • Provision of advisory services on establishment of any livestock or wildlife enterprise;

  • Provision of advisory services for regulatory bodies pertaining to public health, abattoir, butchers and processing plants; sensitivity efficacy of drugs, chemical and animals man of drugs and pesticides and other biological materials;

  • Provision of advise in the application adoption of specific technology namely artificial insemination, embryo transfer, X-ray diagnosis, ultrasonography, preparation of gross animal bodies and organs as well as their arose and microscopic structure for safe and permanent display in schools, museums and colleges;

  • Surveillance and control of rodents, fleas and their associated problems.Preparation of gross animal bodies and organs and microscopic structures for safe and permanent display in schools and colleges.

  • Computer applications to animal production, epidemiology, health economics research and animal industry.

  • Wildlife diseases, immobilization, capture and translocation of animals, aquaculture, mammalogy, ornithology and herpetology.Professional programmes including training of students from other Universities such as The Open University of Tanzania, Ministries and Other Institutes.

  • Under take contractual research;

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