Modality of Work of SUAVET Consult

Once a new project is initiated through formal requests or informal discussion of the perceived problem, research or training need by the client SUAVET CONSULT develops a proposal. The proposal includes a statement of the problem, the terms of reference, the objectives, an outline of the recommended work, the expected results, and an estimate of the programmes costs and time schedule. After presentation to the client, the proposal may be modified as appropriate to arrive at a mutually satisfactory definition of the scope of the endeavour.

Each project is assigned to a team of experts, selected for their skill and experience in the required field. The overall supervision of the project rests with SUAVET CONSULT but there will normally be a project leader for each project. SUAVET CONSULT recognizes the advantage to be derived from close collaboration with the client. Therefore, in implementing any project SUAVET CONSULT welcomes the inclusion of client staff in the project team. Where the project require more inputs than available within the Faculty, SUAVET CONSULT recruits consultants from outside the Faculty or form consortium with other consultancy organizations within the University in order to carry out the project(s) successfully. Upon reaching agreement on the nature, scope, schedule and cost of the consultancy job, SUAVET CONSULT enters into a bilateral contractual agreement with the client(s) where the obligations of each party are explicitly stated.


SUAVET CONSULT Consultancy Programmes focus broadly on all aspects of animal medicine and include animal health, production, public health, rural project development, animal industry developments both small and large.

Contract Research Service

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine can be contracted to undertake research and development for a particular project for a client. The faculty offers a specialist research environment for most branches of veterinary medicine and Research and development is carried out under direct contract to individual organizations in complete confidence. The research interests and experience of the staff cover a wide range of areas. Animal-industries and Veterinary Product companies are particularly welcome to contract VACS for specific problem solving or product development services.