The Department of Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Pathology comprises of an interdisciplinary, integrated and competent team of academic, technical and support staff who collaboratively utilize state-of-the-art concepts and experimental approaches to address basic research questions in veterinary and biomedical sciences.

As a starting point, the department teaches basic science courses to first year Professional Veterinary students as well as to other students undertaking other degrees of biomedical sciences. These courses provide the foundation for gross and developmental anatomy, histology and cell biology. 

Our mission is to make sure that all students who pass through our department leave with this knowledge and practical foundation. This has always been the top priorities in our department. 

In addressing fundamental biological questions from both basic sciences and clinical perspectives, our postgraduate students and academic staff members are making significant contributions at the cutting edge of biomedical research.

Major advances have been made in areas of neurobiology, cell and molecular biology of neurodegenerative diseases; gene expression in relation to memory and learning; reproductive morphology; molecular endocrinology; strategic control of East Coast Fever; drug discovery; wildlife science; veterinary haematology and clinical chemistry to name just a few. 

People oriented management and fostering of a strong and effective working relationship among academic and administrative staff members has been the basis for the strong teamwork that epitomizes the spirit of the department.

In a similar vein, whether it is for educating veterinary students to become caring and competent veterinarians or educating biotechnologists to become pioneers in technical-know–how in the laboratories, factories, and industries or achieving quality and top-notch research, staff members have always been encouraged to attain "Excellence regardless of endeavours."

Strategic planning and innovation would be imperative in ensuring that our department will continue to progress and maintain its exceptional standard. In a nutshell, investing and nurturing the talents of the staff holds the key to the Department's future.

That is why "We dare to dream." We are committed to cook and mold the next generation of scientists; Veterinary Surgeons, Biomedical Technologists and Wildlife Conservationists in collaboration with related institutions at a regional and international level.

Our Department is the only one of its kind in the country and it is situated in the Main campus, College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences, Sokoine University of Agriculture, about 2 km west of Morogoro town centre.

On behalf of the Department of Veterinary Anatomy, I invite you to explore our website. I am confident you will learn more about us and discover unique areas you may want to collaborate with us or opportunities for postgraduate training or postdoctoral research.