The Department of Veterinary Anatomy is one of the six departments that were originally set up to start the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in July, 1976. The department teaches basic science courses to first year Professional Veterinary students. These courses provide the foundation for the professional veterinary degree. We make every effort to ensure that all veterinary students who pass through our department leave with this knowledge and practical foundation.

The department hosts a veterinary paraprofessional diploma program. Apart from veterinary degree and veterinary paraprofessionals, the department trains students pursuing other biomedical degrees programmes including:-

  • BSc Laboratory Science (BLS),
  • BSc Wildlife Management  (WLM),
  • BSc Animal Science (AS),
  • BSc Aquaculture (AQ),
  • BSc. Range Management (RM) and
  • BSc in Education with specialization in Biology.

The department also trains students at post-graduate level. In Masters of Science, the department offers two degree programmes; MSc Anatomy and MSc Cell Biology.The department also offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees in Anatomical Sciences and Cell Biology.


Currently we have 14 full time department members including support staff consisting of Office Personnel, Research Assistants, Technicians and full time Academic staff. Our department has been honored with numerous awards for research. The department has several major ongoing research programs involving Neuroscience, endocrinology and reproductive anatomy of immature ostrich hemoparasitic diseases,synthesis of drug for treating East Coast fever, cellular transformation in East Coat fever infection;. These researches are expected to enhance and improve life for both animals and humans.