The department provides consultancy to Government and private projects in various fields of Veterinary sciences. Examples of tasks including:-

  1. Ministry of Agriculture/Food and Agricultural Organization of the United National Organization (FAO) project on Tick and Tick Borne Disease in Tanzania, 1994-1997 (Supported by Netherlands Government).
  2. Ministry of Agriculture, European Union project on Rinderpest control.
  3. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives on tick and tickborne disease control (supported by ODA of the United Kingdom)
  4. Health and hematological examination of the Giant Aldebra tortoise of the Government of Zanzibar, (supported by the School for International Training Vermont USA in1996-1997.
  5. Identification of ancient bone remains from Kuumbi and Mwanampambe caves, Zanzibar (2008)
  6. Tailor made short courses on Wildlife Health (2019)
  7. Continuous Professional Development Courses- Equine Medicine in Collaboration with SPANA (2018, 2019)
  8. Professional Examinations in Collaboration with Veterinary Council of Tanzania (from 2018)
  9. Diagnostic Services for Clinicians and Researchers at Pathology Laboratory