Prof.M. J. Kipanyula (PhD)

Prof. Maulilio John Kipanyula (BVM, Msc in Neuroscience)
Department of Veterinary Anatomy
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Prof. Maulilio John Kipanyula was a Lecturer in Developmental and Gross Anatomy, cytology and Histology at the College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). Currently serving at the Ministry of Education

He graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) at SUA, Tanzania in 2001.

He holds a Master of Science in Neuroscience from University College London, University of London, United Kingdom in 2004.

During his MSc. Studies he investigated the role of the nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT)/calcineurin signalling in Schwann cell myelination programme in the peripheral nervous system with particular emphasis on Krox-20 expression.

He used primary cell cultures, immunocytochemistry, Western Blotting and PCR techniques. His research interests include; neurobiology, cell and molecular biology of neurodegenerative diseases in both animals and humans.

Prof.Maulilio John Kipanyula has published scientific articles in peer reviewed international and local journals, co-authored and collaborated with other researchers from within and out of the country.

Furthermore, he has attended and made presentations at local and international conferences. He has also supervised over ten students’ research projects.


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