The department has established cooperation with other institutions at national and international levels in areas include research, teaching and exchange of staff and students, developing scientific competence and human resource capacity building. Some institutions are:-

The vision of the department is to become a centre of excellence in providing qualitative knowledge of basic science in anatomy, histology and cell biology to veterinary profession and allied sciences in addressing fundamental biological questions.

Our mission is to make sure that all students who pass through our department leave with the scientific knowledge and practical foundation in anatomy, histology and cell biology. These courses are starting point of many health related professions and are cornerstones of a healthy functioning body.  We endeavor to give the students a solid base in these disciplines.

To promote development through education by disseminating morphological knowledge and skills to various professionals of health related disciplines. 

In the performance of its duties the department is guided by following core values:-

  1.  Professionalism and ethics
  2.  Passion for Excellency
  3.  Devotion to duty
  4.  Patriotism
  5.  Integrity, Transparency and Accountability


There are two sections in our department.

  1. Anatomy Section
  2. Pathology Section



The Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Pathology is one of the five departments at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences which was created by merging two Departments (Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Department of Veterinary Pathology). The department teaches basic science and Clinical courses from first up to fifth year Professional Veterinary students, first to third year Laboratory and Biotechnology Sciences  Students and first to second year to Diploma students.

The department hosts a veterinary paraprofessional diploma program. Apart from veterinary degree and veterinary paraprofessionals, the department trains students pursuing other biomedical degrees programmes including:-

  • BSc Biotechnology and Laboratory Science (BLS),
  • BSc Wildlife Management  (WLM),
  • BSc Animal Science (AS),
  • BSc Aquaculture (AQ),
  • BSc. Range Management (RM) and
  • BSc in Education with specialization in Biology.
  • Diploma in Laboratory Technology (DLT)

The department also trains students at post-graduate level. In Masters of Science, the department offers two degree programmes; MSc Veterinary Anatomy and Master of Veterinary Pathology (MVP).The department also offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees in Biomedical Sciences.

The department trains students in various courses including gross anatomy, histology and cell biology, general pathology, systemic pathology, diagnostic pathology to various degree programs. Beneficiary  students are from Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM), Bachelor of Laboratory Sciences and Biotechnology, Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management, Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture, Bachelor of Science in Range Management and Bachelor of Science in Education with specialization in biology subject.

The department also trains students at post-graduate level in Masters of Science (MSc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree programs in Anatomical Sciences and Cell Biology and offer Diagnostic Services to clients and Animal Hospitals including SUA Teaching Animal Hospital