A.P. Muhairwa

A.P. Muhairwa (BVM, PhD)

Associate Professor

Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health

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Prof. Muhairwa completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine at Sokoine University of Agriculture in 1992, and thereafter worked as a Clinician in a Private Veterinary Clinic. He joined SUA as a member of academic staff in 1993 where he also served as Clinician for about three years. He underwent his postgraduate studies at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark in 2001, where he obtained a PhD in Poultry Medicine and Microbiology.

Prof. Muhairwa has wide experience in teaching animal diseases to undergraduate students at SUA and has been involved in academic works in other Universities in East Africa and Zimbabwe. He has published in internationally refereed journals mainly in the aspects of poultry diseases and bacteriology.

Prof Muhairwa is involved in research to control free-range chicken diseases in Tanzania, and has researched and supervised PhD students in poultry diseases and antimicrobial resistance. Prof Muhairwa can be consulted on matters related to poultry diseases in industrial production, small-scale poultry and scavenging village poultry diseases and antimicrobial resistance; Prof Muhairwa has a wide experience in Clinical Veterinary Practice and veterinary extension in Tanzania.

Currently Prof. Muhairwa is coordinating a Feed the Future Genomics to Improve Poultry Newcastle Disease Project which is part of International research done in Tanzania, Ghana and USA.

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